Speaking of shoes

October 30, 2009

Back when I was a wee undergrad, one of my seminar tutors got leave and for a couple of months we were left intrusted to the new guy.  Now this was all good, and we got a lot out of it, but me and my friend couldn’t actually concentrate because we were distracted week after week by an unbelievable picture on his wall.  I’ve just found out that it was actually the cover image for his latest book:

shoes*emplodes at their awe-inspiring wonderfulness*.  The year later, I left, and he started teaching a module on the History of Fashion.  Just think, if I was born a couple of years later, I could be on my way to being a historian of fashion right now instead of a historian of medicine.  Now to find a way to bring the two together….



  1. Those shoes elicit an “oh dear” from me!

    • Lauren, you’re clearly just not freaky enough. I will sign you up to “superfreak 101” immediately.

  2. I do have Superfreak the song on my iPod (I think I may have played it at your party) so I am CLEARLY within my rights here. 😉

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