The closest I’m getting to Halloween this year

October 31, 2009

I have had this skirt for many, many years.  I’ve always liked lacey stuff, especially black lace – the fact that the shops are now full of it, just as my income has been slashed in half, is proof that the shopping gods either hate me, or are trying to get me to wear what’s actually already in my wardrobe. Like this skirt:


My camera phone doesn’t show it in its full glory, but you get the idea.  The first time I wore it (with a plum coloured vest, a black cardigan and a deep red scarf) an adolescent youth called out “It’s not Halloween yet, love”, which I thought was surprisingly witty.  Indeed, it must have struck a chord, as I have worn this at least 2 Halloweens since.  (Except last year, when my friends and I dressed up as this:

Unfortunately, time has taken its toll on the elasticated waist, and recently I’ve not been wearing it in fear that it will end up around my ankles.  So last night, in honour of All Hallow’s Eve, i got to work with my safety-pin helpers to attach the top to a belt.  Put it on over a playsuit for further security, in case it decides to wander south, et voila:

Photo-0212[Skirt, vintage (Peekaboo); Belt, vintage (Absolute vintage); playsuit, vintage (Beyond Retro) – ooo, get me with the all-vintage outfit]

I bought this playsuit mostly for the 90s neckline.  It makes me think of Bryan Adams videos and Laura Ashley, two things I apparently like thinking about.

So that’s my Halloween outfit sorted.  It’s no lolcat/Amy Winehouse/slutty nurse, but it should keep the youths happy.




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