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Speaking of shoes

October 30, 2009

Back when I was a wee undergrad, one of my seminar tutors got leave and for a couple of months we were left intrusted to the new guy.  Now this was all good, and we got a lot out of it, but me and my friend couldn’t actually concentrate because we were distracted week after week by an unbelievable picture on his wall.  I’ve just found out that it was actually the cover image for his latest book:

shoes*emplodes at their awe-inspiring wonderfulness*.  The year later, I left, and he started teaching a module on the History of Fashion.  Just think, if I was born a couple of years later, I could be on my way to being a historian of fashion right now instead of a historian of medicine.  Now to find a way to bring the two together….


It’s just the shoes you wear…

October 29, 2009

The Strokes may have brought them back into the public consciousness in 2001….


….Avril Lavigne may have promptly killed their cool factor a couple of years later…

B1751c1c4AA4e57D__gallery(This photo makes me realise why I was giggling nicknamed ‘Avril Lavigne’ by some strangers in the Dublin Castle when I was 17.  I really did look a lot like that)

…Mine may be looking a little worse for wear…

Photo-0203(This is far from my only pair)

…and they may have been responsible for one of the worst fashion/music crimes ever committed…

london_1calling_2(Converse collaboration with The Clash, celebrating the 30th anniverary of London Calling, more here)

…but to me “Converse All Stars” will always be this song:



Deceptively comfortable?

October 19, 2009

There’s been mumerings about these Alexander McQueen shoes in some feminist corners of the internets, and they’ve been one of the most-pictured items from the fashion weeks:

amcq shoes

Now I’m one of the first people to wonder at how on earth so many women manage to go around all day in any heel above an inch (I think this is to do with having short legs.  In order to keep up with people I can’t totter, I have to stride).  But I reckon the model’s feet are almost flat inside these cocoons.

For real killer boots, one need look no further than ones local friendly fetish retailer for a pair of these bad boys:

ballet boots