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The closest I’m getting to Halloween this year

October 31, 2009

I have had this skirt for many, many years.  I’ve always liked lacey stuff, especially black lace – the fact that the shops are now full of it, just as my income has been slashed in half, is proof that the shopping gods either hate me, or are trying to get me to wear what’s actually already in my wardrobe. Like this skirt:


My camera phone doesn’t show it in its full glory, but you get the idea.  The first time I wore it (with a plum coloured vest, a black cardigan and a deep red scarf) an adolescent youth called out “It’s not Halloween yet, love”, which I thought was surprisingly witty.  Indeed, it must have struck a chord, as I have worn this at least 2 Halloweens since.  (Except last year, when my friends and I dressed up as this:

Unfortunately, time has taken its toll on the elasticated waist, and recently I’ve not been wearing it in fear that it will end up around my ankles.  So last night, in honour of All Hallow’s Eve, i got to work with my safety-pin helpers to attach the top to a belt.  Put it on over a playsuit for further security, in case it decides to wander south, et voila:

Photo-0212[Skirt, vintage (Peekaboo); Belt, vintage (Absolute vintage); playsuit, vintage (Beyond Retro) – ooo, get me with the all-vintage outfit]

I bought this playsuit mostly for the 90s neckline.  It makes me think of Bryan Adams videos and Laura Ashley, two things I apparently like thinking about.

So that’s my Halloween outfit sorted.  It’s no lolcat/Amy Winehouse/slutty nurse, but it should keep the youths happy.




Good mourning

October 19, 2009

I was idly looking through the vintage section on ebay the other day, as I do on occasions of severe boredom/procrastination, when I came across this:

victorian lace and fur mourning cape

(Victorian (apparently) black and lace mourning cape, ebay)

It ticks a lot of the boxes on the whole gothish/blackonblack look thats been bubbling under for a couple of years (since A/W 07?  A remember a few months of journalists attempting to get us to use the term ‘new grave’…).  This has all been very exciting for me and the ghost of my 15-year-old self.

It’s also an all-in-one answer to Queen Michelle‘s decree of all-black outfits needing to be multi-textured in this post.

I was anguished to find that it went for a mere £49 (which I couldn’t afford, but only by, like, £39), so decided to look around and see if mourning capes were on the up more generally.  I found these:


(ebay, still available here: – quick, but it or I’ll have to!)



So, what do you think?  Would you wear a Victorian mourning cape, or would it make you feel a bit like you were going to a funeral?


Introducing me!

October 13, 2009

So I thought I should get it over with and post the first picture of myself!

Unfortunately my computer seems to be denying all knowledge of my memory card, so I can’t put up anything recent right now, but I’ve got this from about a year ago.Summer 08

(cardigan, zara; top, my mum’s from the 70s; scarf, claire’s accessories)

I think of myself as one of those girls who can’t do casual dressing.  I wish wish wish I could pull of t-shirt and jeans and still look good, but it just doesn’t.  This means that I generally go about my life looking a bit overdressed, which I don’t really mind :).  I am therefore very proud of this outfit, as one of the few outfits I could happily kick about in the park/go to a sweaty gig in without feeling silly.

The top is one of the very few things my mum kept from back in the day, which has made me take a vow that I will never get rid of any after my clothes ever, unless I think I can make a real killing on ebay.   Also, I have to point out the utter essentiality of a biscuit cardigan.  They go with everything black doesn’t.  Unfortunately I can’t get into the top anymore, and I lost the cardigan (I consider all of my posessions to be on loan until I invariably leave them in the pub/on the bus/under a bush somewhere), but the spirit of this outfit lives on.


Fashion Fresher

October 13, 2009

There are two reasons for the title of my first post:

1.  I am a student.

2.  It is the start of the year.

3.  I have never blogged, nor even attempted to write down my thoughts about fashion before.

I am very glad to say that I am NOT a fresher (great skin and ability to drink all night without a hangover: good, constant insecurities and vague sense that you’re supposed to be having fun: bad).

I’ve spent the last 2 years having to wear “work clothes” (put together at 5:30 in the dark in a hurry with no coffee) I’m rather enjoying being let off the leash now that I’m a student again…perhaps a bit too much.  I sit writing this with newly died apricot hair, a purple dress with a bright green t-shirt underneath, white fishnets and peach legwarmers laid out for tomorrow.  I’m sure I’ll calm down soon.

So this blog is partly my adventures in new-found fashion freedom, but also a showcase for the fashions on my small provincial campus.

I hope you like.